Stop the Lines! 
                   Opposition to Susquehanna Roseland Powerline Project



Our friends fighting on the PA side:

Our friends challenging the Sparta-Riverbank hydro project:

Comparison of DC and AC transmission (from pg 88 of Steven Chu Feb 2008 presentation)
Steven Chu will soon be named our next energy secretary, and seems to think that DC will be preferred for our new grid

Steven Chu pg 88

If you want to read more from Chu's February 2008, the full presentation is here
Steven Chu presentation

Other groups that we are working with


Health / EMF's     (Yes, hairdryers and microwaves put off high levels of EMF, so don't keep them on 24 hours a day next to you, OK?!
                                              Transmission lines fully loaded DO put off EMF 24 hours a day, and depending on proximity of your house from the line may be reason for concern)
Do high-voltage power lines cause cancer?

Bioinitiative Report   (Shows recommended safe levels of EMF)
Power Line Health Facts
Increased exposure to pollutant aerosols under high voltage power lines - NIH Paper
BMJ EMF Study  
EMF's in our everyday lives
EMF Video  
NJDEP info on EMF's    
Another EMF Video     
EMF's & Aerosol Pollutants!   
Lighbulbs under powerlines 
NIEHS EMF Comments  

Emerging alternative energy sources
Solar powered laser
Solar array in Trenton

Dept. of Energy
NIETC study (national interest electric transmission corridors)

Designation of our area as a transmission corridor !
Map of Mid-Atlantic National Interest corridor
FAQ's on NIETC study
PJM sales pitch to Senate July 31, 2008

Other Groups   
Stop the Towers! 

Highlands Council (south NJ)      
Mid-Atlantic concerned citizens   


Similar current projects and status
Judges put powerline project from VA-PA (TrAILco) on hold (From Piedmont Environmental Council website)
Highlighted points from the above descision are here

Link to expert testimony in fighting this type of project