Stop the Lines! 
                Opposition to Susquehanna Roseland Powerline Project


Agreement between Fredon BOE/Pals and PSE&G


Testimony filed by Intervenors

Testimony of Dr. Martin Blank on EMF

Testimony of Dr. Sovacool on Need

Testimony on inability to get FHA loan on properties with transmission line easement because our Gov't considers them a hazard

Steven Balzano Testimony on environmental impacts


Rebuttle Discovery

Muni 2nd request for documents 091509         Muni  091009       Muni 2nd 091009     BPU 092409        STL 092409


PSE&G's responses to earlier Discovery requests to them by Stop The Lines and other intervenors

PSE response enviro 115-175

PSE response enviro 1-75

PSE response STL Bailey

PSE response STL King

PSE response STL Millies

PSE response STL Halpern

PSE response STL McGlynn

PSE response to BPU Staff

PSE respons to Montville BOE

PSE response Pals 174-252

PSE response Pals 1-87

PSE response to Rate Counsel

PSE response to STL document requests

PSE response to STL Interrogatories

PSE response to Escrow Motions

PSE response to BPU discovery requests