Tenants are comprised of the bad and the good ones. Though there is no single screening strategy that’s fool-proof, there are particular factors you need to pay attention to that will provide you a greater opportunity of choosing good potential tenants who are looking for a room for rent Toronto. Follow the tips below for you to select the best tenant you will meet:? 

Select a stable tenant? 

Take a look at their application form and see the tenant’s employment history and prior address. Do they usually switch jobs or move from one place to another? If yes, this pattern would usually keep on repeating and you’ll soon get a vacant room to worry about once again. When they haven’t displayed consistent employment, there is a possibility that they can’t afford to stay in the apartment for 3 months and you’ll be left beginning your search for new tenants or even you’ll end up handling an eviction. As much as possible, you have to be meticulous when it comes to a tenant you accept to have a long-lasting renter.?? 

Search for the rental history of the tenant? 

As much as possible, you need to speak with at least 2 of his/her landlords before. This is important to know whether your prospective tenant was a good or problematic one. Once the tenant was a problematic individual, his/her landlord as of the moment might wish one to move out right away and might not be as sincere. Hence, you should beware.? 

Do a criminal background inspection? 

Criminal information can be accessed easily and can be seen at different courthouses. Such inspection will turn up both minor and serious offenses. You’ll require the name of the tenant and his/her date of birth for you to do a background check. Remember that those individuals having a criminal record might attempt to fake this detail, so you have to guarantee to have a copy of his/her valid ID for verification purposes.?? 

Select a tenant with good credit? 

Of course, you want to work with a tenant who seems financially stable and responsible. Once they pay their bills responsibly, there’s a great chance that they’ll pay their rent promptly and they won’t be causing property damage. Having a credit check has a charge. Occasionally, landlords request their applicants to pay for the charge of credit check as well, which is a process comprised of two steps: verification of income and running a credit check.?? 

Follow the law? 

Landlords are expected to treat all potential tenants equally. Federal Fair Housing Act is a law that’s intended to prevent discrimination against particular types of people in any task associated with housing. To summarize, you are discouraged to discriminate based on disability, familial status, sex, religion, national origin, and race or color. Aside from that, a lot of states have their own version of this law that should still be followed. So, guarantee that you follow and understand your local laws.??