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 Thursday November 13, 2008

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    Updated: November 12, 2008

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    PSE&G Susquehanna-Roseland Project: unnecessary and excessive

    In response to PSE&G’s press release of November 6, announcing initiation of approvals through the NJ Board of Public Utilities (BPU), Stop The Lines today released this statement:

    PSE&G’s choice to apply directly to NJ Board of Public Utilities (BPU) -bypassing the municipal approval process - is a clear sign that they feel this project is locally un-approvable.

    PSE&G continues to obfuscate - they need to be more forthcoming that their plan is to add a 500Kv line to the existing 230Kv line. The existing 230Kv line typically carries 500MW of power. The new 500Kv line be able to carry 3000MW of power, a 700 percent increase in the current transmission capacity! This is an extremely excessive increase to offset an alleged 1.4 to 1.6 percent increase in peak demand over the next several years.

    This proposed line is unnecessary, as there are numerous other ways to deal with peak demand issues including peak load management using smart meters, conservation, efficiency, and alternate energies. Peak demand time is only 50 hours out of the year.

    This proposed line is in direct conflict with the recently announced NJ Energy Master Plan, which has the goal of using less energy in 2020 than we are currently using.

    It is also irresponsible; PSE&G continues to disregard the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars of externalized costs - property devaluation, business losses, etc. — that would be caused by running 190’+ high towers through our neighborhoods, and destroying our region’s scenic resources.

    This proposed line will also have a devastating environmental impact. Monopole foundations will take weeks or months to drill, and the impact on our preserved lands and the Highlands would be atrocious. Our water supplies and wetlands are also threatened.

    PSE&G also continues to disregard the very real potential health consequences of children and others living in neighborhoods along the proposed route.

    PSE&G workshops are not helpful - they, instead, need to come up with some real answers, like how this project can possibly be considered a “reliability project”. As currently proposed, it is much more of a “liability project”.

    More information about the Susquehanna-Roseland Project, and our opposition to it is available at

    Dave Slaperud

    and Stop The Lines


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