June 25, 2009

Morris to benefit from PSE&G line upgrade

To the Editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, David Slaperud of Stop the Lines questioned whether residents who live near the Susquehanna-Roseland power line will benefit from our planned upgrade. The answer is yes.

The independent experts who manage the regional electricity grid have warned that northern New Jersey faces a serious risk of brownouts and blackouts without this upgrade. That's the sole reason they ordered this project to be undertaken. The existing line went into service in 1931, and simply can't handle the modern load.

The circuits at risk of overloading are sprinkled throughout the region, including nine in Morris County and three in Sussex County. This part of the state is almost entirely dependent on imported power. By fortifying the grid, we are working to ensure that residents who live near the line will have a reliable source of electricity.

One more point: A key reason electricity rates in New Jersey are higher than in most other states is the congestion on our transmission lines. This upgrade will relieve some of that, resulting in an annual net savings to New Jersey ratepayers of approximately $24 million.

Regional Public Affairs Manager
Public Service Electric & Gas