Updated: October 14, 2009

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PSE&G spokesperson lacks a credible rebuttal

Published: October 14, 2009
In his recent letter regarding PSE&G’s Susquehanna-Roseland transmission line project, George Sous, PSE&G’s regional public affairs manager, claims that electromagnetic field (EMF) concerns were in no way a part of PSE&G’s decision to move the lines away from Fredon’s elementary school.

PSE&G may not publicly acknowledge it, but EMF is a concern for many people who live, work and play near large power lines. It was the core argument in the Fredon School’s intervention in the BPU application process. The school’s decision to withdraw from the intervention came after PSE&G agreed to move the lines away from the school and pay for all or most of the cost to relocate the children’s play areas in order to put more distance between the lines and the school’s students, teachers, and staff.

It is important to note that PSE&G has agreed to move the lines away from the school and the children regardless of whether PSE&G’s proposed expansion is approved or not. Yet Mr. Sous cites “construction impacts” as the reason for moving the lines away from the school.

It’s the ultimate Catch-22 for PSE&G - moving the lines to protect the children from the potential health risks of EMF exposure is highly commendable and long overdue, and certainly should be great public relations for the power utility. But what would the financial and legal impacts and social responsibilities be for PSE&G or any power company that makes such an admission.

Try having a discussion with power company employees about EMF. It seems that many have learned to avoid talking about it, or dismiss any research on the link between EMF exposure and some cancers as “inconclusive”. It’s inherent to an Orwellian culture that is long overdue for change.

Anyone interested in reviewing the recent agreement between the Fredon School District, Fredon PALs (Parents Against the Lines), and PSE&G can view the document at http://www.stopthelines.com/downloads/Agreement_btwn_FredonSchool-PSEG.pdf.

Matthew Lally

Andover Township