Power line concerns valid


Although many people have weighed in with letters to the editor regarding the planned expansion of PSE&G's Susquehanna-Roseland power lines, I have not yet added my voice. My home is immediately adjacent to the existing power lines at the point where they cross Lake Mohawk in Byram Township.

Generally, PSE&G has been a good neighbor to us. We knew the power lines were there when we bought our house five years ago. But we did not know that there was an existing health hazard from the EMFs being generated by the lines and we certainly did not know that PSE&G would seek to erect huge new towers, new lines and triple its capacity. This is being proposed through a 150-foot right-of-way which is too narrow for this expansion in a relatively densely populated residential area in Lake Mohawk.

My wife and I have attended many of the meetings held by PSE&G, Lake Mohawk and the BPU regarding this project. If this project goes forward, and no change is made in the route to avoid populated areas, many people, including us, will be subjected to the health hazards posed by the big increase in generated EMFs, hazards associated with the new towers and lines, the construction itself and the threefold increase in electricity being delivered over the new lines. The aesthetic damage caused by the intrusion of these enormous new towers and the profusion of power lines to our environment is incalculable.

Many have said that this project is not necessary and, from what I have learned, I concur in that assessment. But even if there needs to be an increase in electrical reliability in the northeastern United States, this project, in its present configuration, cannot and should not be the solution to that problem. The fact that so many individuals, communities and organizations have spoken out passionately against this project is, in itself, ample evidence of the valid concerns that so many of us have.

PSE&G is an important corporate citizen of this state and it has made valuable contributions to our communities. I call upon PSE&G to cease moving forward with this project in its present configuration and to work with all concerned individuals and groups to find other ways to improve electrical reliability. Failing that, I ask the BPU to reject this application.

Stephen Rosenberg