Don't accept JCP& L plea for power needs

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In response to your editorial of July 24, "Replacing high-voltage transmission lines in New Jersey Highlands is a necessary intrusion" -- after a year of listening to PSE& G's misrepresentation and obfuscation regarding the alleged need for this expansion, we believe little of what they say.

PSE& G's prediction of brownouts and blackouts sounds eerily familiar to the blackouts that Enron purposely created on the West Coast several years ago. We hope that PSE& G is not considering creating problems if they do not get their requested approvals.

PSE& G stands to make a huge profit if the Susquehanna-Roseland project is approved, bringing additional cheap, coal-fired energy into New Jersey and using their generation plants in New Jersey to feed energy to New York City at a much higher profit. PSE& G requested to take its Bergen2 generation plant off the PJM grid two years ago. That request was challenged by the Board of Public Utilities and a complaint filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, with BPU denying the request in 2008.

The bottom line? The proposed project is completely contrary to the New Jersey Energy Master Plan's goals of using 20 percent less energy by 2020 than we do today. We must focus on improved efficiency and conservation to meet that goal. This saves businesses and consumers money, protects our environment and the last beautiful area remaining in New Jersey. PSE& G is betraying their customers and all New Jersey residents in the interest of increased corporate profit.

David Slaperud

Trustee, Stop the Lines Fredon, N.J.

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