August 23, 2009

PSE&G power line should be denied

To the Editor:

Public Service Electric & Gas needs to stop the madness. PSE&G continues to try to push forward with its Susquehanna-Roseland power line upgrade, despite the fact that it is not needed. PSE&G keeps threatening blackouts. I hope it is not purposely overloading these lines because they carry the cheap coal energy it likes to buy. We can't afford a blackout like the one that Enron created. Our families can't afford the health impacts and property values that this upgrade will cause.

Energy demand is way down, so there is no need to rush to build this monstrosity. The lines are within 150 feet of my house — if they go through with 195 foot-high towers and a tower fell, it could likely end up on my house. There are much better solutions to New Jersey's future energy needs.

The Electric & Magnetic Field levels along the line have gone up dramatically since end of November last year. My house has EMF levels as high as 18mg at my front door, and I fear for the health of my children. This plan is ridiculous, and should be denied.