Stop the Lines! 
                Opposition to Susquehanna Roseland Powerline Project


Concerns with Proposed project - Facts as we understand them

This is a proposal for a huge expansion to the transmission line, on new towers at 2-1/2 times the height of current towers.   This is NOT an "upgrade" !

PJM / PSE&G & PPL Choose Route B (Susquehanna Roseland Project)
On June 6, 2008, PSE&G announced a "Reliability Project" that would bring power to Roseland NJ from Pennsylvania along 1 of 3 possible routes (A,B, or C).   They quickly held 3 sparsely-attended public meetings in the end of June, as the public was not well informed or aware of this project.   Some towns, including Wantage and Byram/Lake Mohawk, asked PSE&G to host additional meetings so that the public could voice their opinions, and those meeting were quickly scheduled and held in mid- to late-July. On August 5th,  PSE&G announced that Route "B" was chosen.  The proposal is now being referred to as the Susquehanna Roseland Project.  The New Jersey portion will pass through Hardwick Twp, Stillwater Twp, Fredon Twp, Newton, Andover Twp, Byram Twp, Sparta Twp, Jefferson Twp, Rockaway Twp, Kinnelon Boro, Boonton Twp, Montville Twp, Parsippany-Troy Hills Twp, East Hanover Twp, and end in Roseland Boro.

-PSE&G estimates a projected annual load growth of ~1% in New Jersey over the next 4 years.   For some reason they want to deal with this ~1% increase by increasing transmission capacity by approximately 750%.    This seems excessive, unwarranted, and profit motivated.   This project is in direct conflict with the NJ Energy Masterplan.

-The current ~85 foot high towers will be replaced with 180-195 foot high lattice structures or monopoles !!! Much higher than any in our area
*They plan on using "dual conductor" and "quad conductor" lines, which will have 6 lines for the 230Kv, and 12 lines for the 500Kv.
 A total of 18 wires!

-PSE&G will add 500 kilovolt lines (6423 MW)to the existing 230 kilovolt lines (985MW), a combination that does not currently exist anywhere within the PSE&G system as far as we know! 
Not enough is known of the health effects of EMF's on people living close to lines carrying this much voltage.  click here for more info

-There is at least 1 school with ~350 children in attendance that is in close proximity to the lines in Fredon (Fredon Elementary), as well as several athletic fields, public open space, and recreation areas along the route.  They would also run behind middle school and ballfields in Montville Township.

-PSE&G has publicly stated that they will not compensate adjacent property owners for any decrease in property value that may be caused by this project.

-Our rural vistas and scenic surroundings are at risk, as is our "quality of life".   There is a HUGE switching station planned in Jefferson Twp.

-Environmental impact during drilling for monopoles is of concern.  Will they have to do any blasting? It took 4-6 weeks to drill footing for a monopole in Andover near Aeroflex airport.  

-The vast majority of the proposed additional power transmitted through these lines will not be accessible to existing homes along the route, but instead will be sold to the greater New York area and other areas east of the proposed route.  This potentially puts more profits in PSE&G's pockets, and leaves the residents of the towns along the route to suffer the consequences of the eyesore created by the 180+ foot high towers, the health concerns of increased exposure to EMF's, and decreased property values.     
Link to PSE&G presentation showing future possible routes to NYC (See pg 15 and 52)
      Article from Bill Wolf on PSE&G's plans to sell energy to NYC

Many wonder,  why can't they run the lines straight along Route 80, or run the power in to NYC from the North or South?   Or further promote conservation and eliminate the need for this additional power.   Blanket Essex county with solar panels to relieve congestion. The public needs to be more involved in the decision process.  
(Note: PSE&G states that they can't bury 500KV AC lines, and that they can't run the lines above ground along route 80)
It is not true that they can't run the lines along highways.  The future grid will probably be buried near highways, let's get started on that future grid!

-Offshore wind is a much more future-looking proposal.  Demand response programs are taking off, alleviating demand issues during peak energy demand time.

-Any NERC "Violations" in NJ need to be addressed locally with equipment upgrades.  Copious amounts of energy is NOT a solution to reliability issues.
According to this article, more transmission alone will not improve reliability!