News Articles relating to PSE&G project 


Power line decision delayed until Thursday
By SETH AUGENSTEIN   NJ Herald   February 10, 2010
Feb 10 NJ Herald

Lower energy projections put brakes on power lines
Economy, increased efficiency, carbon consciousness delay projects

By AARON NATHANS • The News Journal • January 24, 2010
Jan 24 News Journal

Power line vote put off for up to 30 days 

By SETH AUGENSTEIN    NJ Herald   January 17, 2010
Jan 17 NJ Herald

State officials delay decision on PSE&G powerline for a month

By COLLEEN O'DEA • STAFF WRITER • January 16, 2010
Jan 16

PSE&G offering money to towns along proposed power line route

By MEGHAN VAN DYK   The Daily Record    January 12, 2010
Jan 12 Daily Record

Vote on proposed massive N.J. power line postponed

By Lawrence Ragonese/The Star-Ledger  January 8, 2010
Jan 8 Star Ledger


BPU delays decision on power line  
By Seth Augenstein  NJ Herald  January 8, 2010
Jan 8 NJ Herald

Two-State Power Line Is Put Off
By REBECCA SMITH  - Wall Street Journal  January 2, 2010

Jan 2 Wall Street Journal

Power line will mar towns, recreation area

By NANCY SHUKAITIS   Delaware Valley Conservation Association Sunday, December 13, 2009
Lehighvalleylive Dec 13

Exelon to close 4 Penn. generating units by 2011

Daily Record    December 2, 2009
Dec 2 Daily Record

Weak Power Demand Dims Outlook

By Rebecca Smith   The Wall Street Journal   November 21, 2009
Nov 21 WSJ

Experts debate power line safety
BY COLLEEN O'DEA   The Daily Record  November 24, 2009
Nov 24 Daily Record

Hearing moves on for power line project
Cindy Forrest  Neighbor News (Montville Edition)  Wednesday, November 25, 2009  
Nov 25 Neighbor News

Power line hearings complete; final decision expected Jan. 15
By SETH AUGENSTEIN  NJ Herald   November 24, 2009
Nov 24 NJ Herald

Hearing on PSE&G power line continues Monday  
By SETH AUGENSTEIN   New Jersey Herald   Nov 21, 2009
Nov 21 NJ Herald

Wanted: Better studies on power line risks

Opinion   The Citizen of Morris County  November 19, 2009
Nov 19 The Citizen

Hearings begin on PSE&G power line plan

Objectors complain, power company confident, East Hanover substation may go to Roseland
By JAMES LENT, Staff Writer  The Citizen of Morris County  November 18, 2009
Nov 18 The Citizen

PSE&G line opponents, proponents spar at hearing

By COLLEEN O'DEA • STAFF WRITER • Daily Record • November 16, 2009
Nov 16 Daily Record

Tittel: No long-distance power lines for New Jersey
BY JEFF TITTEL Tuesday, November 17, 2009 Opinion
Nov 17 NorthJersey

Opponents to PSE&G power line through Northwest Jersey produce online video

By The Star-Ledger Continuous News Desk November 11, 2009, 5:56AM
Nov 11 Star-Ledger

Dismiss PSE&G application, say groups and towns

BY ROSA KASPER   Aim Jefferson CORRESPONDENT  Friday, November 13, 2009

Power line opponents make last-ditch online pitch

By Meghan Van Dyk • Staff Writer • Daily Record November 10, 2009
Nov 10 Daily Record

Report Argues for a Decentralized System of Renewable Power Generation
By Jim Witkin   The New York Times  October 30, 2009
Oct 30 NYT

PSEG's net income falls 26%
BY ANDREW TANGEL   The Record  Thursday, October 29, 2009
Oct 29 Record

Renewables are inevitable, transmission is optional

John Farrell    October 22, 2009

Wake up and oppose this project
Opinion    Daily Record   October 21, 2009
Oct 21 Daily Record

A little heresy on transmission

John Farrell    New Rules Project  October 19, 2009
Oct 19 NRP


Could New Powerlines Knock The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area From “Top 10” List?
Delaware Riverkeeper press release  October 15, 2009
Oct 15 Delaware Riverkeeper

Delaware Water Gap area named most photogenic

By Bruce Scruton   New Jersey Herald    October 12, 2009
Oct 12 NJ Herald

National Park Service employee discusses power line proposal with Warren County freeholder
By BILL WICHERT    The Express-Times    Thursday October 15, 2009
Oct 15 Express-Times

PSE&G spokesperson lacks a credible rebuttal
Sparta Independent  October 14 2009
Oct 14 Sparta Independent

Stop the Lines group launches balloons to raise awareness

By Laura Bruno   Daily Record  October 11, 2009
Oct 11 Daily Record

Balloons illustrate power lines height
By SETH AUGENSTEIN    NJ Herald   October 11, 2009
Oct 11 NJ Herald

Electric transmission towers hurt conservation efforts

Opinion   Sept 29, 2009
Sept 29

Power line concerns valid
Letter to Editor  NJ Herald  Oct 1, 2009
Oct 1 NJ Herald

This project should be opposed

Opinion  The Daily Record  Sept 30, 2009
Sept 30 Daily Record

A call for independent testing on electro-magnetic fields Board of Education
Cindy Forrest    Neighbor News (Montville Edition)   Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Sept 23 Neighbor News

PSE&G admits safety concern with transmission lines

Opinion    The Township Journal   September 23, 2009
Sept 23 Township Journal

Montville wants its own EMF readings

Daily Record  September 18, 2009
Sept 18 Daily Record

Consultant to test power line electromagnetic fields at Montville middle school

School board seeking measurement independent of PSE&G
Daily Record   September 16, 2009
September 16, 2009

Fredon board OKs PSE&G agreement
By TOM HOWELL JR.   NJ Heralld  September 15, 2009
Sept 15 NJ Herald

As Fredon fights utility, Montville pays close attention

Sussex County town threatens to close schools over EMFs
By MEGHAN VAN DYK     STAFF WRITER   The Daily record    September 13, 2009
Sept 13 Daily Record

Students at Sussex school closed by power lines may be sent to other schools

by Joe Moszczynski   The Star-Ledger    September 10, 2009
Sept 10 Star-Ledger

Power lines, possible health risk spur Fredon school closing
By SETH AUGENSTEIN    NJ Herald   September 8, 2009
Sept 8 NJ Herald

EMF concerns spur Fredon School Board to close Fredon school
By SETH AUGENSTEIN    NJ Herald   September 8, 2009
Sept 8 NJ Herald

State should not let "bribe" stand

Scott Olson Op-Ed  Daily Record September 6, 2009
Sept 6 Daily Record

Do not blame the Feds - PSE&G executive seems confused
Letter to Editor  Daily Record  Sept 3, 2009
Sept 3 Daily Record


The feds determined the need               <-- (Another Lie - PJM determines need, not the Feds)
Letter to the Editor Daily Record Aug 31, 2009
Aug 31 Daily record

Energy demand drops, plan is obsolete
Letter to Editor  Daily Record  Aug 31, 2009
Aug 31 Daily Record

'Extension cord' not needed
Letter to Editor  New Jersey Herald Aug 31, 2009
Aug 31 New Jersey Herald

PSE&G power line should be denied

Letter to Editor  Daily Record  Aug 23, 2009
Aug 23 Daily Record

Power Line Plan Fight Heats Up
By SETH AUGENSTEIN   New Jersey Herald   August 16, 2009
Aug 16 NJ Herald

Electricity Prices Plummet
By Rebecca Smith  The Wall Street Journal   August 12, 2009
Aug 12 WSJ

Efficiency Drive Could Cut Energy Use 23% by 2020, Study Finds
By Kate Galbraith  New York Times  July 30, 2009
July 30 NYT

Groups may sue over high-voltage PSE&G line approval
Colleen O'Dea   Daily Record  July 31, 2009
July 29 Daily Record

Coalition to Corzine: cancel the consistency vote
By Cindy Forrest  NeighborNews July 29, 2009
July 29 NeighborNews

Transparency lacking in Highlands Council power line decision
by Scott Olson  July 27 2009
July 27 GreenJersey

Don't accept JCP&L plea for power needs   (should say PSE&G)

Letter to Editor  Express-Times  28 July 2009
July 28 Express-Times

Warren County freeholders kill plans for Mansfield shooting range, consider stand on PSE&G power lines
By Stephen Novak  The Express-Times  23 July 2009
July 23 Express-Times

New Jersey is now a true solar power
In just a few short years, the Garden State has become the Sunshine State
July 16 newjerseynewsroom

N.J. environmental coalition asking Gov. Corzine to veto plan for Highlands power line
by Lawrence Ragonese    The Star-Ledger    July 15, 2009
July 15 Star-Ledger

Learning about the Lines
The Township Journal  July 15, 2009
July 15 Twp Journal

A break from the weather

By Andrew Maykuth   Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer    Sun, Jul. 12, 2009
July 12 Phila Inquirer

"Clean energy" legislation a good first step
By Meghan Gillmeg  Daily Record   July 5, 2009
July 5 Daily Record

Power line consistent with the plan
by Cindy Forrest  NeighborNews    July 8 2009
July 8 NeighborNews

Morris to benefit from PSE&G line upgrade

Letter to editor  Daily Record June 25, 2009  
June 25 Daily Record   
(He makes stuff up as he goes along!  Dave never asked if we will benefit from this upgrade - see his letter below
 PSE&G plans to cause the deficiency in NJ that this line is proposed to address, so they can make more $$)

Not so fast: PSE&G project not approved
Letter to Editor  Daily Record  June 20, 2009
June 20 Daily Record

Power Surplus to Aid Homes

by Rebecca Smith    The Wall Street Journal   June 1, 2009
June 1 WSJ


House Testimony Undermines Wisdom of Massive Electric Grid Expansion


PSE&G buying local properties
by SETH AUGENSTEIN   NJ Herald  June 14, 2009
June 14 NJ Herald

Boonton Twp. resident deplores PSE&G plan
Resident says proposed agreements prove point
By AUDREY DAVIE, Editor    The Citizen    June 11, 2009
June 11 The Citizen

Sussex County protesting power lines

Shelly and Joe Liccese of Hardwick held up their signs. Photo by Jennifer Jean Miller

The Township Journal - Published: June 10, 2009
Twp Journal June 10


PSE&G offers $1K to property owners to build temporary roads for power-line project
by Joe Moszczynski  The Star-Ledger June 2, 2009
Star-Ledger June 2

Sussex County environmentalists to protest PSE&G's proposed power line in northern Jersey
by Joe Moszczynski  The Star-Ledger May 28 2009
Star Ledger May 28

PSE&G maps out new power route

 NJ Herald  May 21, 2009
May 21 NJ Herald


PSE&G amends power line proposal in northern N.J.
by Lawrence Ragonese/The Star-Ledger  Tuesday May 19, 2009
May 19 Star Ledger

We need 'Smart Grid', not new lines
By Mike Marion
Daily Record May 15, 2009

May 15 daily record

State allows critics of PSE&G's power line proposal to intervene

Foes also win right to escrow account
By Colleen O'Dea • Daily Record • April 28, 2009
April 28 Daily Record

Proposed power line upgrade needs a full and fair review
Opinion / Township Journal April 22, 2009
Apr 22 Township Journal

Steven Chu, Obama's Point Man on Energy, Says Conservation Is 'Sexy'

The nation's new energy secretary is pushing for the next breakthroughs, along with energy efficiency 

By  Kent Garber US News & World Report
Mar 19 US News & World Report

Salazar: Eastern wind could replace coal for power

The dirty green line

Erecting new transmission lines for solar and wind power is a boon to coal-burning utilities and a drain on our wallets. What's an environmentalist to do?
By Katharine Mieszkowski
Mar 23 the dirty green line


Public hearings expected on high-voltage power line proposed for park land in Warren, Morris and Essex
by Lawrence Ragonese/ The Star-Ledger Sunday March 22, 2009
Mar 22 Star-Ledger


PPL gets earful at Saw Creek public hearing
Residents oppose high-voltage line through development
By Pocono Record Writer   March 21, 2009
Mar 21 Pocono Record


8 towns join to fight proposed high-voltage line
Communities in Morris, Sussex counties could be joined by 3 in Warren
Sunday, March 08, 2009  BY JOE MOSZCZYNSKI  Star-Ledger Staff
Mar 8 Star Ledger

Administration pushed to study powerline woes
Lawsuits, red tape halt projects

  - Washington Times    Monday, February 23, 2009
Feb 23 Washington Times

Report: N.Y. can meet power needs until 2018

by Greg Clary  - The Journal News  Jan 29, 2009
Jan 29 Journal News

Power company runs around town
(by Cindy Forrest - January 21, 2009)
Jan 21 Neighbor News

EnviroPolitics Blog
by Frank Brill Jan 19
Jan 19 post

Energy nominee shifts his stance
by Matthew L Wald  NY Times Jan 13, 2009
NYT Jan 13

Letter to the editor of Jefferson Aim from Stop The Lines
Aim Jan 15

Scientists Warn of Expansion of Coal Power Imports

Posted by Bill Wolfe   December 19, 2008 blog

PSE&G will ask state for OK on power line proposal

NJ Herald Jan 12

PSE&G moves ahead on controversial power-line plan
Application filed seeking utilities board's approval

By Abbott Koloff • Daily Record • January 13, 2009
Daily Record Jan 13


PSE&G seeks permit for 45-mile power line through North Jersey
by Kristen Alloway and Lawrence Ragonese   Monday January 12, 2009
Star-Ledger Jan 12

(if Sparta proceeds with following, is it intended to resolve the alleged "reliability" issue so that PSE&G
can drop the 500 KV line, or is is just another way to fleece the ratepayers and make it look like
they are doing something "green"?)

Sparta Council to accept bids for $5.5M lease of quarry property for future hydroelectric facility
By Seth Augenstein
   NJ Herald   Monday December 29, 2008
Dec 29 NJ Herald

Dec. 28 "Power Points" Commentary - views of Ralph LaRossa & Scott Olson
Dec 28  NJ Herald

Highlands Coalition takes action against PSE&G's power line plan  

By Bruce A. Scruton    NJ Herald
Dec 20 NJ Herald

Fredon house bought for power line project

Dec 17 NJ Herald


Public Forums on power line plan
PSE&G will hold sessions next week

Friday, December 12, 2008     By Kristen Alloway   Star-Ledger Staff
Dec 12 Star Ledger

Greed behind PSE&G's proposal

By Tom Hill    December 12, 2008    letter to the editor printed in Daily Record
Dec 12 Daily Record

Council unanimously opposes PSE&G high-voltage line
By Rosa Kasper   Correspondent    AIM Jefferson December 11, 2008
Dec 11 AIM

PSE&G session discusses 500-kilovolt project planned through county

By Bruce A. Scruton    Nj Herald   December 10, 2008
Dec 10 NJ Herald

PJM OKs $1.6 B of power transmission upgrades  (Branchburg-Roseland-Hudson)

Thomson Financial News   12.04.08, 12:15 PM EST
Dec 4 Forbes

PSE&G bullying public on power line
By Scott Olson • December 2, 2008  opinion printed in the Daily Record
Dec 2 Daily Record

Byram wants state to reject PSE&G's request for project exemption through Highlands
By BRUCE A. SCRUTON December 1, 2008
Dec 1 NJ Herald

Official: Fredon school board, utility don't reach agreement

By BRUCE A. SCRUTON November 25, 2008
Nov 25 NJ Herald

Power lines may mar the scenery
by Cindy Forrest - NeighborNews  November 26, 2008
Nov 26 neighborNews

All N.J. counties and towns should do an energy audit
Courier-PostOnline  November 21, 2008
Nov 21 Courier-Post

Surprise Drop in Power Use Delivers Jolt to Utilities

By REBECCA SMITH   Wall Street Journal  November 21, 2008

Power line plan cuts into fragile Highlands, DEP scrutiny sought
PSE&G seeks exemption for $650M project
BY KRISTEN ALLOWAY AND PAULA SAHA Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Nov 19 Star-Ledger

Star-Ledger Staff
Environmental groups want a close look at construction plans
By Bruce A. Scruton    NJ Herald  November 19, 2008
Nov 19 NJ Herald


A 'green' objection to new power line
Environmentalists urge careful review of PSE&G plan, say Highlands at risk

By Colleen O'Dea   Daily Record   November 19, 2008

Nov 19 Daily Record


PSE&G Susquehanna-Roseland Project: unnecessary and excessive
The Township Journal November 13, 2008
Nov 13 Twp Journal

Saw Creek is fixing for a fight
Residents gird for battle against PPL power line
By Pocono Record Writer  November 13, 2008
Nov 13 Pocono Record


PSE&G pulling end-run on power line, critics say
utility accused of trying to exclude 15 towns with request for state review
Wednesday November 12, 2008  by Kristen Alloway
Nov 12 Star Ledger

Towns line up against power co.
(by Cindy Forrest - The Neighbor News November 12, 2008)
Nov 7 The Neighbor News

PSE&G bypasses towns' approval, instead seeks state's OK
By Bruce Scruton  NJ Herald  November 7, 2008
Nov 7 NJ Herald

Electric markets are broken, Pa. officials told
By Associated Press Writer  November 06, 2008
Nov 6 Pocono Record

PSE&G looks to state for approval of new power plan

Oct 30 NJ Herald article

State asked to reject power project
45-mile PSE&G line is called 'excessive and unreasonable'
Wednesday, October 29, 2008   By KRISTEN ALLOWAY    Star-Ledger Staff
Oct 29 Star-Ledger article

Towns: Let us decide on PSE&G power line
Say going through BPU lets utility ignore local concerns
Oct 29 Daily Record article

PPL's power line project protested
Pocono Record Writer  October 19, 2008 6:00 AM
Oct 19 Pocono Record article


Power line opposition Grows
By Bruce A. Scruton    NJ Herald    Oct 12 2008
Oct 13 NJ Herald article

Wide range of opponents lining up to contest route of 500,000-volt PPL line

Oct 5 Times-Tribune article
Oct 6 Times-Tribune article

Fighting the power
E. Hanover looks for ways to relocate power line plan
By JAMES LENT, Editor  Hanover Eagle   Published: Friday, October 3, 2008 6:44 AM EDT


Fredon residents want power lines blacked out
By Laurie Gordon   The Township Journal     September 26, 2008

September 26 Township Journal

Power line opposition spreads to NJ

By New Jersey Herald Writer    September 25, 2008

September 25 Pocono Record

Company tries to calm residents' nerves about high voltage route through county


East Hanover Township Committee will look at ways to fight power line plan
By JAMES LENT, Editor     Published: Friday, September 12, 2008 7:13 AM EDT

– The Township Council will hold a special meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 24 at Towns Hall to discuss with residents Public Service Electric & Gas Co.’s (PSE&G) proposed installation of a new 500,000 volt (500KV) lines through the north end of the township.

Power line health issue prompts test in East Hanover
By JAMES LENT, Editor     Friday August 22, 2008    Hanover Eagle

 Opinion comment in the Sparta Independent

Power lines put Fredon home in jeopardy                                
By BRUCE A. SCRUTON      August 19, 2008


Pa. judges deal setback to major new power line
By MARC LEVY   Associated Press  08.22.08, 7:50 AM ET

Five years after blackout, power grid in better shape
New standards are in place, but concerns remain
By PAUL DAVIDSON • Gannett News Service • August 14, 2008


PSEG loses bid to ship power to New York City
by Tom Johnson/The Star-Ledger

Thursday May 01, 2008, 6:04 AM

PSE&G withdraws bid to provide 500MW of power across Hudson river

Sparks fly over power line
Proposed path has Delaware Water Gap and Hardwick Township officials worried.

Friday, August 08, 2008   By DOUGLAS B. BRILL   The Express-Time

Utility picks route on right of way through Montville Township
PSE&G says it will hold additional public meetings on proposal using ‘Route B’
By AUDREY DAVIE, Editor,and PHIL GARBER, Staff Writer    Published: Thursday, August 7, 2008 8:36 AM EDT

E. Hanover residents: Power line may risk our health
Mayor at council meeting with PSE&G: 'The more I hear, the more I worry'

Power lines hitting home for area residents

PPL: New line to follow old line
Utility says least intrusive path for major transmission line is along existing route.
By Rory Sweeney  Staff Writer

New power line route spans 7 towns in Morris
E. Hanover meeting tonight; officials want more sessions
By Tehani Schneider • Daily Record • August 6, 2008

Critics want to reopen talks on power-line proposal
Wednesday, August 6, 2008   BY PATRICK TUOHEY, STAFF WRITER

Residents balk at PSE&G's high-voltage project
They voice concerns over power line's effect on health and home values
Wednesday, August 06, 2008  BY LESLIE KWOH    Star-Ledger Staff

Massive power line will cut through Poconos, national park
August 05, 2008

Power route picked

PSE&G power line plan would hurt home values
By Kevin Paul • August 3, 2008   The Daily Record


Powerful concerns
Routes for huge electric power expansion considered
By PHIL GARBER, Managing Editor   Published: Friday, August 1, 2008 7:28 AM EDT

Proposed high-voltage power line raises concerns
Friday, August 1, 2008    BY PATRICK TUOHEY,  Staff Writer


Montville Township power line path to be final soon
Two of three possible routes include township
By AUDREY DAVIE, Editor, and P.C. ROBINSON, Staff Writer     Published: Thursday, July 31, 2008 7:48 AM EDT


PSE&G reps present powerline proposal
Area citizens turn out in force for information session
By Jennifer Jean Miller


Why we never need to build another polluting power plant
Coal? Natural gas? Nuke? We can wipe them all off the drawing board by using current energy more efficiently. Are you listening, Washington?
By Joseph Romm

PSE&G is poised to select route for power line through 4 counties
Wednesday, July 30, 2008   BY LESLIE KWOH     Star-Ledger Staff

Area residents question power line plans


Power line plan concerns Montville
Township could see installation of 193-foot poles
By Tehani Schneider • Daily Record • July 12, 2008


Power line sparks heated debate
Residents question value, usefulness of electric line planned for New Jersey.
Thursday, June 26, 2008    By ANTHONY SALAMONE,   The Express-Times