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More:  Demand Response / Solar / Offshore Wind / local generation are much better solutions to our future energy needs
There is currently a huge excess of energy generation in the PJM grid (see below) - We CAN'T AFFORD 195' high towering towers across NJ!!!
PSE&G is wasting all of our money on pushing this unwanted project -
PSE&G makes a 12% return on every penny they spend on this project, and it is added to your electric bill!!

Read this August 2010 report - it shows that we do not need more lines!!
Ensuring a Clean, Modern Electric Generating Fleet while Maintaining Electric System Reliability

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Click images for larger view (*Please note that they will likely use ugly Lattice towers, not monopoles as depicted)

We need your support NOW!!  This is NOT a "done deal", though they want you to believe it is.
PSE&G has been misleading the public, and has been less than truthful throughout this process
This project would have a HUGE negative impact on all of NJ, threatens renewables & encourages coal fired energy

This proposal is all about getting more coal fired energy to the East - The last thing we need!

Project Mountaineer & this from a 2005 FERC conference
PSE&G promotes coal fired energy

We are opposed to this project because it is all about PSE&G GREED at NJ's expense.  This line is NOT NEEDED !!!
PSE&G wants to add a huge new 500KV line through an existing ROW that was NOT designed for it.

The National Park Service can change the outcome - they are considering a "no-build" option, and other routes


Jan 14, 2013     Pictures taken 1/13/13 of the trampling of Mahlon Dickerson reservation.....  These are new access roads through previously wooded areas.  pic1     pic2    pic3    pic4
Dec 6 2012      Motion for preliminary injunction filed today.   Here is the Press Release

Oct 5, 2012       The NPS "decision" to approve this project was predetermined a year ago  See here
Sept 21 2012     ACTUAL Peak Demand has dropped lower than the peak of 2008 in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.  There is no growth. Why .9% growth is still expected makes no sense.
                         See page 14 of this PJM document:   2012 PJM RTEP Assumptions

 Sept 21 2012   The project was originally deemed "necessary" because peak demand was projected to grow 1.4% per year over the next 10 years in
                         the PSEG region.  That estimate has been at .9% now for the past 2 years, which is 35% lower than it was in 2008 when the project was
                         proposed.    According to the BPU order, the BPU retains it's authority to reopen the matter “[i]f that [Regional Transmission Expansion Plan
                         (“RTEP”)] deems that this Project may no longer appear to be necessary, or can be delayed significantly.”

Sept 20 2012   The NPS is due to come out with their "Record of decision" soon.   The NPS Organic act of 1916 states in part "...purpose is to conserve
                        the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wildlife therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner
                        and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations."

Sept 2012        PJM will use demand response to avoid any NERC Violations between 2012 and 2015.  Why not continue to use demand response into
                       the future in order to avoid having to build this line at all??  It is available and alleviates the need for projects such as this.

May 4  2012    nice recap of where the project stands, and how much of YOUR MONEY PSE&G is spending is here:   NJ Appeals Court Hears Susquehanna-Roseland arguments

Mar 29 2012  The National Park Service announced today that the "preferred route" is the existing ROW that currently goes through the park.  200' high towers through the
                       existing ROW will be devastating to the DWGNRA.   We can't believe that this is a decision that was made by the NPS!!   3/29/12 NPS press release
                       The final EIS will be released in the fall of 2012.  Allowing nearly 200' high towers through the park would go directly against the NPS Organic Act of 1916 which
                       promises to conserve and protect the scenery of our National Parks for future generations.   This is OUR PARK!!!
                       And no, the ratepayers do not want to pay $30 to $60 Million to buy additional property near the DWGNRA, we want to protect it's visual appeal. DON'T DESTROY OUR PARK.

Mar 21 2012  We are expecting the NPS to release their "preferred route" sometime before the EIS is completed, perhaps soon.  We are hopeful that the preferred route  will be the "No build" alternative. 

Jan 17 2012  Recommendations for topics to cover in your comments is available - click here .    Comments must be submitted before the end of January 2012.
                     Comments can be brought to the public hearings on Jan 24, 25, 26 (more info in above link) or can be submitted online at link below that says "Submit comments here". 

Nov 22  National Park Service releases the draft EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) for public to comment on.  
              The Preferred option is the "No Build" alternative.  View documents here
              Send your public comments to the NPS here (THEY NEED PUBLIC COMMENT!) :   Submit comments here  
              Demand Response programs are working, and energy demand continues to drop.   There is no need for this overkill project that is all about corporate greed.

Oct 5     Press release from Stop The Lines  and related info
Oct 5    Obama administration announces "job-creating renewable grid", and for some reason includes S-R line. 
Sep 8    Associated Press Article "Shocker: power demand from US homes is dropping"  discusses how demand is falling, and is expected to continue to fall over the next decade
Aug 6    Synapse report on PJM System Planning dated June 20  Shows that 14,000 MW of demand response cleared last capacity auction, discusses risks of overbuilding
             transmission, and suggests that smaller upgrades are better and less risky to our grid that overbuilding our transmission system. 
Aug 5    PSE&G to shut down Hudson 1 plant (this is the plant that allegedly needed to stay open because they said the lights were going to go out if S-R line wasn't built by 2012)
             PJM finally admits that Demand Response is working.  When are they going to withdraw the S-R project??    Article is here
June2    Here is an open letter to electricity consumers from EnerNoc (A successful demand response company) informing the public about PJM and others that want to push old technology
             and try to stop the smarter technologies such as Demand Response that are proving to be useful in decreasing electricity demand - PLEASE READ THIS LETTER!
May 18  On June 4 there will be a Maple Coalition "clean energy" canoe and Kayak trip on the Delaware.   More info here
May 2   Reply brief filed in NJ Superior Court of appeals, appealing that the BPU decision to approve Susquehanna-Roseland project should be overturned :   Reply Brief
Mar 31  The Maple Coalition has been formed, which we are a member of.   There is a Hike scheduled for April 9 to learn more about the Coalition - more information here.
Mar 2    PJM decides to stop with the PATH powerline project from WV to MD.   Press release  -  Susquehanna-Roseland cancellation forthcoming?!  The press release seems to indicate that the
             reason for cancellation has to do with slow ecomic recovery, but the reality is that Demand Response programs, conservation, and efficiency are creating a real and long term reduction in demand.
Feb 3     Motion to re-open the Susquehanna-Roseland BPU proceedings has been filed today, due to several recent developments including the new 2011 load forecast showing reduced need for more power,
              and Governor Christie's desire for more energy to be generated in the State of NJ.
Feb 2     Circuit Court strikes down Federal National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors  Press Release Here (All of NJ was previously considered an NIETC)    Yea!!
Jan 7      Google offshore wind project would "eliminate need for piecemeal projects" and could be "intelligently expanded"
Dec 22   
Atlantic Wind files to build offshore power line  (which would eliminate ANY alleged need for Susquehanna-Roseland expansion)

Dec 17   Randolph officials are sadly very mis-informed about exactly what PSE&G is proposing to do - they might want to look further into the facts and oppose this proposal.
               It's understandable that Ms. Mitsch doesn't want this project through her town, but she needs to learn more of the facts behind this proposal.   
Article here
Nov 23  PSEG sees growth largely driven by Transmission Projects (at ratepayer expense)   Article here
Nov 5   Just a reminder, this is not a "NIMBY" issue - this poorly planned project would be visible for miles and miles - it does not belong in New Jersey's backyard!!!
             It is completely unnecessary, and is a profit-driven project pushed by the coal industry.  There are much better solutions to our future energy needs besides transmission.

Oct 24  10 speakers from multiple groups spoke yesterday at a rally uniting PA and NJ against the Susquehanna-Roseland proposal.  Rally was held at the Portland Walking bridge
             which links Portland PA and Columbia NJ. article   NJ Herald article   There are so many better options than stringing wires on 195' high towers..
Oct 15  Report touts benefits of offshore east coast wind  Article Here  64% of NJ energy could come from offshore wind!! PSE&G has dragged their feet for too long.....
Oct 13  Google investing $1.8 Billion in offshore wind project -will eliminate need for expansion of S-R line.  Article here
              Imagine that - google will invest that money, whereas PSE&G wants ratepayers to pay for the greedy S-R expansion project.
              Anxiously awaiting PSE&G's withdrawal of the S-R expansion...
Oct 8    Please join us at a rally at the Portland foot bridge on Oct 23 at 11AM -   Info here     and   directions here
Sept 29  PSE&G now agrees that there are better alternatives to transmission, and that more lines threaten renewables & promote coal!! Press Release here    PSE&G report here
Sept 23 
Controversial Highlands Transmission Line, a ‘Superhighway’ to Deliver Low-Cost Power?   Article here
Sept 15  Power co's now considering putting 230KV and 500KV lines through a 100' ROW (!)
              Article is HERE   but  PJM requires 300' for 2 circuit lines.     press release response HERE
Sept 15  Formal public comment regarding alternatives, written & submitted by EELC on behalf of numerous environmental groups and Stop The Lines  is HERE
Sept 7    National Park accepting comments until Sept. 14 - tell them we don't need this project, and that "no-build" is the best option.  Click here to make a difference!
Aug 31  National Park Service is accepting public comment until Sept 14 on alternatives.   We urge you to recommend no-build alternative, as the line is not necessary. 
              Demand response programs have increased 5 fold over the past 5 years.  This, combined with efficiency and conservation have alleviated the need for this expansion.

Jul 29   
National Park Service "Alternatives" hearings August 17, 18, and 19 2010.  Please plan to attend - they need your input !!!
             More info on the hearings here:  NPS August public input hearings

Jul 15    From the mouth of PJM regarding last week's heatwave- confirmation that we don't need the proposed S-R line:

                "Conservation efforts, including demand-response limitations on peak usage, saved as much as 3,000 megawatts on the PJM grid, DuPont-Kidd added.
                "They do make an impact," she said. "Programs like demand-response can make the difference."

Jun 9      We have filed an appeal to the BPU decision   Press release
May 19  Info on upcoming tour May 22 and Hike June 5 -  more info here:  Upcoming events
May 12  Visit our fundraiser site at
Apr 27   National Park Service public comment summary report is here:   NPS Scoping Comment Summary Report
Apr 21   BPU written order was issued today:  BPU Written Order
Apr 13  Hike to Save the Park is scheduled for May 1 beginning at Millbrook Village.  More info here:  May 1 Hike
Mar 31  Please plan to attend upcoming scoping and DEP hearings April 26 and 28 - more info here
Mar 12  We filed our NPS Scoping Comments , and also signed on to EELC Scoping Comments
Mar 5   National Park Service has extended initial public comment date to March 12 due to public outcry regarding the proposal.  Please click link above and submit comments!
             e-mail us at if you need more info on how to comment.
Feb 22  PSE&G still needs approvals from National Park Service to drag that coal fired energy through Delaware National recreation Area - Study by NPS will take 2 years
             We encourage you to submit comments on how this project will destroy our National Park at the following link:
Feb 11  BPU took Steve Herling's word instead of requiring a sensitivity analysis, and believes there is a "need".
Feb 10  The BPU may render a decision at it's meeting tomorrow.  Public is encouraged to attend meeting at BPU headquarters at 2PM on Thursday Feb 11
Jan 15   The BPU has delayed a decision for 30 days so more info on "need" (or lack thereof) can be obtained based on other cancelled or delayed projects:  BPU Announcement
              We are grateful that they are taking this proposed project that would have so many negative impacts seriously
Jan 14   The BPU commissioners are having a Special Meeting on this tomorrow at 10AM at BPU in Newark, and we would encourage those opposed to this project to attend
Jan 8      BPU Decision will be delayed -  more information needed since other proposals in PJM grid are being cancelled / delayed !!
Jan 7, 2010    All of the Legal Briefs and replies from all participants in the process are  HERE
Nov 24   Hearing have concluded.  Briefs are due 12/28/09, replies due 1/6/10, decision will be announced Jan 15 2010.  
Nov 18   PSE&G announces another change in plan!  - said they spoke with Monopole firm, and towers may not be strong enough for the quad 500KV lines and dual 230KV lines.
               May decide to just use 3 500KV and 1 230KV lines.   How can we have a hearing on a proposal if the proposal is constantly changing???
Nov 16   First day of Formal Hearings, PSE&G announces change in plan - says they will eliminate E Hanover switching station and instead drop line directly into Roseland
Nov 12   Schedule for formal Evidentiary hearings at BPU in Newark is here:  Hearings schedule  Hearings will be at 2 Gateway Center, 8th floor in Newark - more info: directions
Nov 11   Brief filed clarifying the Motion to Dismiss - explaining why the formal hearings cannot proceed until Cost Apportionment issue is resolved
Nov 10   Montville BOE joins in the Motion to Dismiss
Nov 6    Today a Motion To Dismiss  PSE&G's application among with exhibits was filed with the BPU.   Filed by the Attorneys for Municipal Intervenors on behalf of
              The Municipal Intervenors,  Environmental Intervenors, and Stop The Lines.
Oct 28   PSE&G net income down 26% - residential energy demand down 6% - Ind'l demand down 15%.  There is no need for more transmission!!!
Oct 20   Formal evidentiary hearings are currently scheduled to begin November 16 at BPU headquarters in Newark
Sep 15   Report from WHO on EMF and CT legislation that protects children in CT:
              What about NJ Schools and residents?????????????????????
Sep 10   More on WHO EMF issue here  and also at top of our website under "Health and other Info"
Sep 8     Fredon School Board votes to close Fredon School October 1st due to concerns with current and proposed EMF levels  (UPDATE: Fredon School reached agreement w/PSE&G)
Aug 25    ***You can electronically file your own public comments from this link: ***

Aug 17    There will be a neighborhood garage sale fundraiser on Saturday August 22 on Running Hills Dr. & Highview Rd in Fredon.  If you are interested in donating any items
                for the sale, please send an e-mail to .
Aug 6      Please get together with neighbors and have a garage sale to help pay legal costs for Stop The Lines. Our attorney is preparing for formal BPU hearings in October.
Jul 9        We urge you to print copies of flyer at top of page, and suggested BPU letter above and distribute to as many people in NJ as possible!!!!
               You can voice your concerns to the BPU about how bad of a proposal this is until September 15.  We need as much public comment as possible!!
                Bring copies of flyers to parties, distribute via e-mail.   We also need donations to continue to fund our formal legal fight.  In numbers, can stop this !
Jun 28     Please read this if PSE&G is offering you money for access rights/easement modification:    Easement Modification Letter
Jun 14     WNJN coverage of 1st public hearing at minute 14:
Jun 12      EXCELLENT Public Hearing last night!  Info on public hearings June 18 & June 30 is here: FLYER - please print out some copies and distribute!
Jun 1 -     If you receive an "offer" from PSE&G, please talk to a lawyer or get in touch with us before signing anything.  You may be signing your rights away.
                We would be happy to have an attorney review it for you if you scan and e-mail us a copy.
May 29-  Great rally tonight!! Congratulations to all who showed up to look out for their community and their rights! Picture below.
May 22-  Rally planned at Newton Square on Fri. May 29, 5-7PM.  Please attend - there will be more information on how to participate at upcoming Public Hearings.
May 21-  ** Public Hearings have been announced for June 11 & 18 at Sussex County College in Newton, and June 30 at Frelinghuysen arboretum in Morristown.  Be there!!**
May 21-  Is the Highlands region for sale?  Will $18.6 million of ratepayer money somehow make the 195' high towers less visible? 
May 19-  PSE&G changes plans - new plan proposes moving Jefferson Switching Station to Hopatcong and paying $18.6 Million in mitigation acc. to NJ Highlands Council Press Release
May 14-  The BPU released an Amended Procedural Board Order, extending the initial discovery period.
May 4 -   Letter from Governor's of 10 Eastern states encouraging Atlantic offshore wind projects rather than long distance transmission from the west !
Apr 31 -  Here is the Procedural Order from the BPU.  All groups that requested intervenor status have been granted Intervenor Status!!!! 
                PSE&G may also be required to put up $$$ for expert testimony, which we had requested in our Motion to Intervene.
Apr 21 - We filed our response to PSE&G's objection to our Intervention & Escrow request:   Stop The Lines response to PSE&G's objections
Apr 15 -  PSE&G is requesting denial of our request for Intervenor Status!!!
                PSE&G request to deny interventions    PSE&G request to deny escrow
Apr 1  -   We filed our Request for Escrow.  This is a request to the BPU to have PSE&G put funds into an escrow account that would be used to pay for expert witnesses for intervening parties.
Mar 30 - Crews have been clear-cutting near Mahlon-Dickerson Park and Pyramid Mountain. Review process has not begun yet, and determination will not be made until December.
Mar 16 - Crew was out to shred up everything in right-of-way next to Willows Rd in Fredon, an environmentally sensitive area with class 1 stream - During & After pictures
Feb 26 - We filed our Motion to Intervene - please donate to help to pay for legal work!!! 
Feb 21 - Stop The Lines will be filing Motion to Intervene soon.   We will attend the BPU pre-hearing on Feb 26, representing our membership.
               Regarding the Highlands Council, we now understand that they will not be voting on Thursday, instead PSE&G will be doing another presentation.
               We urge the public to attend the Highlands Council meeting on Thursday at 4:00PM at 100 North Rd. in Chester.
Feb 13 - The BPU prehearing is scheduled for 2:00PM on February 26.  This happens to be the same date that the Highlands Council will be voting on PSE&G's
               request for exemption from the Highlands Act.  This is a major conflict, and we have requested that the BPU reschedule this pre-hearing date.

Jan 12, 2009 PSE&G filed application with BPU on January 12 2009  (Click here)

Nov 6, 2008 PSE&G announced Nov. 6 that they will bypass the town approvals, and go directly to BPU in December (click here).

 We need your donations to help fund promotion of this grassroots effort and to help with legal support
We are spending money to fight this line on lawyer and experts - we really need your support!!!
The trustees of Stop The lines are not paid, and donate their own time and pay their own related expenses
We are an all volunteer organization, so all money is used for legal costs, signs, fliers, etc. 
Donations can be made by check payable to: Stop The Lines   PO Box 398  Tranquility NJ 07879

Tax-deductible checks are also accepted,  made out to "NJ Highlands Coalition", and put "Stop The Lines" in the memo.
Mail to: NJ Highlands Coalition, ATT: Stop The Lines, 508 Main St. #3,  Boonton NJ 07005
***Funds sent here go directly towards our legal costs - any questions please ask!***

Other groups similar to ours have stopped similar projects!  TANC   NYRI    MAPP

E-mail us:                           Paypal link:       


Height of Proposed Line:                              Map of proposed line (route "B"):          RALLY on Newton Square May 29, 2009                      

                                                                                                Expandable map:  (Click here)      

Congressman Garrett - Blairstown July 4        Balloons up at 100' and 195'         Backyard - 2 Highview Rd. Fredon

                                                                                                                                                                                              EXTREME  EMF levels!

View more news videos at:

If you are opposed to this project, do not sign anything until you talk to a lawyer!!  Why would you give access rights if you are opposed to the project?
E-mail us if you need more information.

 This is a monstrous project, & would affect all people in townships along the route

Lower property values along the chosen route means a higher tax base for everyone in town
to make up for it

 Proposed switching station in highly sensitive Highlands region - The environmental impact would be severe

 Increased energy coming in would result in more coal generation in PA and WV, leading to more acid rain,
more trouble for the VA mountaintops, and MORE PROFIT FOR PSE&G

The "upgrade" is allegedly needed to deal with "peak" energy demand, which is only 50 hrs out of the year
There are many better ways to deal with peak demand

 Neighborhoods would be dealing with noise from drilling, blasting, construction vehicles for 30 MONTHS!
There goes the neighborhood - we have a right to peaceful enjoyment of our properties

195 foot high towers are something that does not exist anywhere in our area!!!
IF more capacity is deemed necessary, there are much better alternatives (offshore wind, solar, demand side mgt)
We are strongly opposed to the height of the proposed towers

Conservation.  Alternative energies.  Efficiency.  Smart Grid technology.  Demand-side management.  Solar / Wind.   Local Generation.    
None of the above have been considered in determining the need for this line
.  There MUST be a better way to improve the reliability of the grid, without having the enormous impact these towers will have on the neighborhoods along PSE&G's chosen route.  Bringing in energy from PA and VA to Eastern NJ and points east is not a practical solution.  
          This is a project of Greed, not a project of Need.
                                                                                click if you want an 18" X 24" sign

                                              E-Mail us at:


Disclaimer:  This website was created by concerned citizens along the route of the proposed PSE&G reliability project, and is intended as a source for potentially affected NJ residents to find out more information on the project via the links provided.  There is no intent of libel or defamation towards PSE&G, PJM, or any other entity that is in favor of this proposed project.  Any inaccurate information that may be on this site is absolutely unintentional, and should be brought to our attention by using the e-mail link above.